HOOKAN is the second product of AS LURES which we are proud of. HOOKAN is an innovative fishing stringer. For those who have never encountered such a product, the fishing stringer is a handy gadget that plays the role of a fish care net. In many cases, when you are fishing from the shore, with chest wader or taking a full day boat trip, the fishing stringer will help you to keep your fish alive as long as possible.

HOOKAN is not just another fishing stringer. Unlike most similar products on the market, HOOKAN stands out in all key parameters.

Completely stainless materials

HOOKAN hooks are made of the latest generation of high quality polypropylene

Non-decaying materials

The HOOKAN rope is made of polyester strings

Lightweight and compact

The weight of HOOKAN is only 50 grams (standard 7 hooks / 1 meter rope / carabiner)

Robust and plastic

The materials used in HOOKAN are extremely durable and plastic

Lockable hooks

HOOKAN hooks come with a simple and reliable locking mechanism

One-hand unlocking

HOOKAN hooks allows you to unlock them with one hand, so your other hand remains free


HOOKAN has a metal carabiner for comfortable and trouble-free gripping in a wide variety of options

UV resistant

HOOKAN materials have high UV resistance and low aging

All these parameters make HOOKAN an extremely comfortable and reliable long-life fishing stringer.
Our team has done a number of fishing trips and field tests during the product development, so that HOOKAN will meet all the requirements of the modern fisherman.
A huge benefit of HOOKAN is the ability to unlock the stringer hooks with one hand. This allows you to use your other hand to land the fish.

Last but not least, HOOKAN’s packaging does not contain any slowly degradable materials, so the box is extremley nature friendly.