The evolution of one lure!

HYDRA is a lure evolved through 3 stages. “Version 1” was a 100% handmade wooden lure. “Version 2” was a 100% handmade urethane resin lure. The current “Version 3” HYDRA is an ABS plastic injection molded lure. The technology gives us the ability to produce a large amount lures with better quality and additional extras. The first two verions were “silent”. The current “Version 3” is equiped with lead balls rattle system that makes the fishes to attack like crazy.


HYDRA is produced in 145mm and 210mm sizes


The weight of the lure is 21g (for 145mm size) and 31g (for 210mm size)


HYDRA is equipped with 1mm wire running through the entire length.


Equipped with Filstar 4x Strong trebles size #2


Rattle system


Due to its aerodynamic shape and the way of aggravation this is one of the most powerful aspects of HYDRA. The bait flies pretty well even in strong winds. With HYDRA you will easily achieve 20% to 50% better casting than other baits.


All the colors in which HYDRA is produced have been tested many times in different conditions and on different destinations. We have no color on the market that does not work.


WTD (Walk The Dog). HYDRA is working perfect both with fast or slow retrieve.

Fish target

The primary target fish which attacks HYDRA is the Bluefish, but it’s very common HYDRA to be attacked by Seabass, Dorado (Mahi-mahi, Dolphinfish, Lamporda, Kinigos), Leerfish, Jack mackerel, Bonito, Trevally, Pike